Welcome to James Family Christmas!

The James Family Christmas light show began in 2007. The planning for the first annual show started in November of `06. The show had over 18,000 lights and was computer controlled with software called Vixen.



Thank You!

 The James Family Christmas would like to thank the Mooresville Downtown Commission (MDC).  After moving to downtown Mooresville and all of the help from the volunteers of MDC, this has helped to make James Family Christmas the one of the best displays in Mooresville.
We can now say that James Family Christmas is "Green". Our display now uses high energy effecient LED light strings to display our Christmas spirit. 
This opportunity to bring joy and great Christmas memories to everyone in the Mooresville area is an honor for us. We hope that you continue to visit the website, so you can stay up to date on the progress we make through out the year.
This year we will also have the help from Absolutely Stars Dance Studio to update some of the display items.

We hope you come see the 2012 premier, located right beside Town Hall.



The 2013 season is ON! It was a last minute effort to get it running tonight! With only three minutes to spare, the show started on time at 5:30 pm.

I want to take a moment to thank all of the folks who volunteered their time to help with setup this year and wish evryone a Merry Christmas!

 Please visit our Facebook page and "Like" us!!! Tell all of your friends!!!!



The 2013 season is coming fast! I hope everyone enjoys the show this year.  


 Setup has begun!!! The show is so close now we can hear the Sleigh Bells ringing. 


We received our new "Voice Overs" for 2012 today. I want to say these are great! If you want to hear them, you will have to come by the show.

We have The Demented Elf  produce our voice overs for the show. If you have a show and want to add an extra nice touch to it, I highly recommend you contacting him. 


 I would like to take this time to say, James Family Christmas and the Mooresville Downtown Commission would like to send out a huge "Thank You" to General Microcircuits Inc. The folks at GMI were kind enough to help us out by assembling the large number of controllers I needed to build for this years upgrade.  Check out the photos  of the work.

I have been busy wiring up all of the controllers, almost done now. I also took a final light count. JFC is now way over 75,000 LIGHTS!!!! 

If you have been keeping up with our FB page, I have some new items posted there, the new Arches and the Light Poles. Have a couple more new items, but I will show those later when they get completed. You can see them in the photo section  too.




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